Our Story

Simply, We Are You! 

As a team we all felt the pressures of managing the craziness of life and trying to eat well, live healthily and look after ourselves. Plus, we were struggling to find honest snacks that were as healthy as they appeared. How can you possibly know what goes into products unless you make them yourself? Which is what we did.

We started hand making our bliss balls for ourselves, friends and family. And so Noadded was born.  We found ourselves making more and more due to high demand from family and friends. We very quickly realised, we were not the only ones trying to live well and make good food choices. And, we had the solution.

Honest   Healthy   Family Friendly

Our founder, Lauren, came up with the idea of sharing these amazing snacks with the world: 



"As a teenager I competed in Elite levels of Aerobic Gymnastics. I represented my State for 6 consecutive years, won multiple individual and team State Championships, and won a National title with my team.

At my peak level I was training up to 30 hours a week, which I needed to fit in with my VCE study. Nutrition, maintenance of energy levels and simple food preparation were major factors I needed to consider in my everyday life. 

I remember my Mum going to the supermarket and purchasing ‘healthy’ snacks for me such as muesli bars, crackers and flavoured yogurts. Although advertised as healthy and nutritious, the marketing of these products was quite deceiving. Generally these snacks were full of glucose syrup, refined sugar, sodium and various other highly processed ingredients. I found this quite frustrating as I couldn’t purchase a truly nutritious convenient snack, so I decided to start making my own.

Following guidelines from expert dietitians that I was fortunate enough to work with through my sport, I used simple, natural, healthy ingredients to make quick snacks that would support me during the day at school and pre and post training.

Protein and Bliss Balls became my snack of choice - I could easily pack them in my bag in the morning and know that they would be good to eat at the end of the day after training. I liked the fact that the ingredients were simple but tasty and the portion sizes were perfect for in between meals.

Now, as a new Mum I have found them the perfect snack for my busy days. It is easy to lose track of the time (between feeding, nappy changes, settling baby to sleep, grocery shopping etc.) and put my needs last, and I often don’t have the time to sit down for a meal. I have also found that breastfeeding has increased my appetite significantly! I keep a jar of protein balls and a drink bottle on the table next to my nursing chair. At 2am they are my saviour when I need something to keep me going (possibly through the whole night). I also bring them with me to my post-natal Pilates classes, and have one as my recovery snack.

My husband and I do a lot of travel together. We love taking a few packets of bliss and protein balls with us to ensure we have healthy, convenient snacks on the plane and when in a new town. It can be difficult to eat healthy when overseas as we don’t know where to access to kinds of foods we may have at home, so at least by bringing the balls we are guaranteed some healthy nutritious food (I also get super hangry - so I need snacks on hand when we are discovering a new area or going on a hike).

I developed the Noadded protein and bliss ball range with health, nutrition, taste and convenience in mind. I feel that it is important to offer food products that can be trusted by those wanting simple, healthy snacks. The ingredients used in the balls are simple, but the combinations are super delicious.

I hope you enjoy our protein balls and bliss balls as much as we do. Lauren x"

Now we have a team of brand ambassadors, marketing and wholesale representatives who are on board to grow our little business, and allow you to experience our product for yourselves in an easy and accessible way.

We did not have enough trust in supermarket products and wanted to produce an item that you can take it into your everyday world. A product you can rely on with your busy lifestyle, no added nasty stuff and a product that is developed from great ideals for health.

What started out as a weekend hobby has now lead us to this point - wanting to share our product with you.


Get in touch for more info about who we are, and how we can help you make the right food choices: