Let's trick the kids into thinking they have a treat

No Added protein and bliss balls are so delicious, the kids will not even realise these small snacks of deliciousness are healthy for them.

With Chocolate Brownie and Superfood Goji flavours, us grown ups will have the kids fooled into thinking they have a treat in their lunchboxes.

No sugar spikes or crazy behaviour after eating, just a full tummy for good brain activity all day.

Order your delicious NUT FREE, REFINED SUGAR FREE snacks easily online. (There are also grown up flavours, why do the kids get to have all the fun?)

For every pack you purchase your school will receive $5!
BONUS - you receive 20% off the RRP as well with your unique discount code

Contact for further details about how you can book a fundraising drive for your school.

For a limited time, enjoy a hamper for your school office when enquiring.
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